Fish farming

Processing the salmon

This work package aims to establish an Aquaculture Skills Foresight Forum (ASFF) with representatives from the fish producer, aquaculture technology supply and VET sectors, will be drawn from each of the 4 partner countries

  • The purpose of the ASFF and the role of individual members will be defined and formalised
  • A chair-person will be appointed to lead the group
  • Group communication protocols, including meetings, minutes and the use of communication technology will be agreed

The main task of the ASFF will be to develop Common Competence Framework (CCF) for north European finfish production in the marine and freshwater phase and including the husbandry operative and site manager levels, assisted by the VET providers. The group will also be instrumental in the establishment of a Communication Guideline to support dissemination throughout the project.

It is anticipated that the big companies may disseminate through their own channels as an important assist to dissemination. They have access to magazines/journals, their web-pages, conferences and exhibitions at various levels and hold meetings with politicians and other stakeholders. This will be contained within the guideline with the activities they will take responsibility for specified.