Aquaculture Skills Foresight Forum at Finnøy, Norway for first time

Thu, 09/07/2023 - 09:44 By Elisabeth

Aquaculture Skills Foresight Forum

This iteration of ASFF is organized by SalMar, Trøndelag County and Blått Kompetansesenter in collaboration with local Finnøy innovation company TEAL and Strand upper secondary school
ASFF (Aquaculture Skills Foresight Forum) is a platform where aquaculture schools and industry and their suppliers, can share openly what challenges the participants have, what educational needs the industry has today, as well as what they envision for the future. In this way, schools can prepare measures to continuously offer up-to-date, relevant and practical education. This forum is also an opportunity to discuss collaboration opportunities between participants and set action points. 
The agenda will be about
  • whether or not schools and companies have the same understanding of aquaculture skills and how these are defined
  • potential local collaboration avenues and action minutes


Edit: there were 15 participants that represented much of the aquaculture value chain:

  • fish farming companies
  • their suppliers
  • VET schools
  • innovation companies and their business consultants
  • municipalities 
  • county representatives
  • business gardens


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