Summer Camp 2021 Akureyri
Fish farming summer school for young people. Credit: University of Akureyri.


Fri, 07/30/2021 - 08:49 By Elisabeth

In relation to the Bridges deliverable 11.5 Innovation Camps, the Aquaculture Summer Camp for Youths was arranged for the first time in such a format. This has been a pilot for aquaculture innovation camps in Iceland.

The teaching took place in july 2021 and was taught in two places, in Vesturbyggð and at Djúpivogur, one week in each place. The summer camp was run in collaboration with aquaculture companies, the local vocational school and the Fisheries Science Center at the University of Akureyri.

There were three teachers this summer whom have either graduated from- and are researchers for- the Fisheries Science Center at the University of Akureyri or are still studying in the same department. Students at the summer camp were aged 13-16 years and a total of 22 students participated.


University of Akureyri article about the Aquaculture Summer Camp 2021:


YouTube Video about the Icelandic Aquaculture Summer Camp 2021, in case the embedded video doesn't work:

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