NHO (Confederation of Norwegain Enterprise) political tour 2021
NHO (Confederation of Norwegain Enterprise) political tour 2021. Credit: Blue Competence Center.


Thu, 08/12/2021 - 13:52 By Elisabeth

12- 13 august 2021 NHO (Confederation of Norwegain Enterprise) Political tour 2021

In relation to the deliverable 10.2 Company Micro-forums, Blue Competence Center:

Organized a two-day political tour in the island region, in relation to the election year 2021 in Norway
Presented political candidates with aquaculture needs
Presented the “Frøya Model”: connecting research and innovation through qualified individuals
Presented needs for green energy and transport at sea
Organized political debate and livestreaming on Facebook
"Election debate: How do we secure Trøndelag export values?" Facebook Livestream:
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