With established Finnish-Swedish ASFF action minutes in mind, Finnish partners Livia College met with the Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) of Central Finland to discuss how recruitment of new employees for the aquaculture sector can be made more efficient using the “Master-Journeyman model”.

Tue, 05/30/2023 - 14:26 By Elisabeth

The Master-Journeyman Model is when the aquaculture company acts as a Master and recruits new trainees who are called "Journeyman". The role of vocational schools is to provide the necessary support in the training process to the company and trainee. The training is financed by the FLAG project, and after the training is completed, the company hires the trainee if he/she has been found to be qualified and wants to work in the field. Trainees can also apply to become vocational students if necessary, in which case part of the education is financed with state support. The project is led by the Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) of Central Finland and Livia College is part of the steering group for the FLAG-project through the support of BRIDGES.  

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