Bridges partners are invited to Blue Competence Center's second webinar on sustainable fish feeding: training operators.

Sustainable Feeding
Webinar in sustainable fish feeding. Credit: Blue Competence Center.
Fri, 03/25/2022 - 12:44 By Elisabeth

Blue Competence Centre, in collaboration with the aqua-tech, fish-feed supplier Spillfree ( ), will be live-streaming a webinar on sustainable finfish feeding on the 25th of march, 2022. 

Sustainable feeding is of great importance for the fish's welfare and growth, for farmers' use of resources and finances - and not least for the environment! The webinar series focuses on the biology of the fish and on the interaction of fish with humans during operation. Competency in fish welfare is key.

All Bridges partners are welcome to join.


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The webinar will be in norwegian. English translation pending.


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