The island region of Hitra and Frøya receive their first intensive workshop in industrial symbiosis with experts

Industrial Symbiosis Workshop at Hitra, led by Murat Mirata from Linköping University
Industrial Symbiosis Workshop at Hitra, led by Murat Mirata from Linköping University.


Fri, 05/20/2022 - 17:39 By Elisabeth

In relation to the BRIDGES deliverable D10.2 Industry Microforums: this is an example of how VET-schools and other regions can promote skills building and measures for industrial sustainability. 


Workshop content

The workshop will be held 23-24.05.2022 at Hitra, Norway and is open to those who are a decision-maker or manager responsible for spatial planning, development, remodeling and maintenance of buildings and facilities at their workplace.

Course participants get:

Updated and research-based knowledge of climate-friendly spatial and resource planning
A meeting place to discuss and ask for advice
Get to know local and international examples of industrial symbiosis in practice - learn from the experiences of others
Opportunity to influence how the Business Gardens in Norway work together to gain more knowledge locally and nationally
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Business Garden Frøya and Hitra, Sølvi Nordin
Blått Kompetansesenter (Blue Competence Center)



Murat Mirata, Professor at Linköping University
Per Erik Sørås, Consultant at Trøndelag County
Ole Joar Flaat, CEO Skogmo Industry Park
Joaquin Ignacio Quezada Ortega, environmental engineer at CRUM
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