Company micro-forums for skills development in the HR and leadership fields in the context of the aquaculture industry

Tue, 01/31/2023 - 10:14 By Elisabeth

HR and leadership course 2023 invitational

Together with NCE Aquatech Cluster, Blue Competence Center is both organising and participating in the HR and leadership course for blue sector industries.

Four physical meetings with workshops + skills-mapping homework at own companies.

The goal is to have more effective internal skills and resource management and identification of innovation and sustainability measures.

30 participants in total, all from the island region of Hitra and Frøya.

Blue Competence Center gathered these companies. 

Free participation to the course for Blue Competence Center's Business Garden for Hitra and Frøya network.


Agenda for meeting 1 at Hotel Frøya: 11.00-16.00

· Welcome and presentation of the network

· Introductory round

· Lunch 30-45 min (12.00-12.45)

· Academic introduction to strategic competence

· Workshop and plenary session

· Reflection and conclusion


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